Carlos Santana Net Worth 2023: Earnings, Income, Career, and Biography

Carlos Santana Net Worth

Those legends who are continuing their legacy for more than three decades don’t require any introductions and Carlos Santana is one of them. It has been around 58 years since the debut of the world-famous Latin American band Santana Blues, and still, we are not getting over with the iconic fusion brought by this group during the late 1990s. It won’t be wrong if we say that all the credit goes to the 75 years old leader of the band Carlos Santana. According to Rolling Stone magazine, Devadip is one of the top guitarists still active in the music industry. So, why not learn about Carlos Santana Net Worth 2023, personal life and inspiring music career? 

Carlos Santana family

Carlos Santana Net Worth 2023

Carlos Santana, also known as Devadip by his fans, is a Spanish American guitarist, songwriter, musician, producer and pioneer of Jazz and rock fusion. It has been over 50 years since the king of music fusions is ruling the industry and has earned worldwide recognition. As of 2023, Carlos Santana Net Worth is around $120 million, excluding his luxurious home in Hawaii, which he bought a couple of years ago.

In a career spanning more than fifty years, Mr Santana has always been the talk of the town for his award-winning songs, wealthy lifestyle and philanthropy work. Since the debut of the ten-time Grammy award winner, there haven’t been any guitarists in North America that have ever matched the passion and perfection of Santana. That’s why the industry calls him The lamp, light and eye of God. 

Carlos Santana wife
Net Worth (2023)$120 Million 
Real NameCarlos Humberto Santana Barragán
Profession Guitarist
Nick Name Santana , Devadip
Age (2023)75 years 
Date of Birth July 20, 1947
Birthplace Autlán de Navarro in Jalisco, Mexico
Religion Christian
Siblings Five Sisters One Brother 
College/ University James Lick Middle School
Weight73 kg
Height5ft 9In

Carlos Santana Net Worth of Last 5 Years

The Net worth of Carlos Santana 2023$120 Million
The Net worth of Carlos Santana 2022$120 Million
The Net worth of Carlos Santana 2021$115 Million
The Net worth of Carlos Santana 2020$110 Million
The Net worth of Carlos Santana 2019$107 Million
Carlos Santana daughter

Carlos Santana Career

Before the overnight success of Carlos’s band it was named Santana Blues. However, the name was shortened after the involvement of Columbia Records. The charter-busting list of his songs is long. But according to various famous magazines in the United States, Smooth, Black Magic, and Woman and Evil Ways are Carlos Santana popular songs that have a fan following worldwide.

Every success story also includes some flaws and downfalls. After a series of hit albums such as Love Devotion Surrender (1973), Inner Secrets (1978) and Oneness – Silver Dreams Golden Reality, the group Santana started doing innovations. Due to their crazy following and demand, Carlos was stuck under stress and pressure. However, he and his studio returned with a bang and came up with albums such as Spirits Dancing in the Flesh (1990) and Milagro (1992).

Carlos Santana Biography

Carlos Santana family moved to San Francisco, California, and they became US citizens. After being influenced by great artists of the golden era, he learned how to play the guitar at eight. Like other well-known personalities, Carlos also struggled during the early days of his career. Hence, his major breakthrough was earning the opportunity to work with Columbia Records, the same studio that helped Santana launch his first official album. 

Carlos was first married to Deborah King from 1973 to 2007. She used to handle all the background requirements and other branding commitments as a personal manager. However, their 35 years of marriage ended due to personal differences. Carlos Santana children Salvador, Angelica and Stella are still connected to their dad and also participate in his live concerts. As of 2023, Sanatana lives with his second wife Cindy Blackman in Las Vegas. 

Carlos Santana children
Father name José Santana
Mother nameJosefina Barragan de Santana
Marital statusMarried 
Wife  Cindy Blackman Santana
Eye colourBrown Black 
Hair Color Black 
Zodiac Sign Cancer
ChildrenTwo Daughters (Angelica and Stella) One Son (Salvador)

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Some Interesting Facts About Carlos Santana

Is Carlos Santana Still Famous?

Carlos Santana is a chartbuster of the late nineties and one of the pioneers of Latin rock and Jazz fusion genres of music.

Is Deborah Sara Carlos Santana wife?

Deborah is the ex-wife of Santana, and they ended their 35 years of relationship in 2007. Salvador, Angelica and Stella are their children.

When Did Carlos Santana release his first song?

Carlos released his first official song in 1969, named Santana. Otherwise, he debuted as a guitarist in 1966 along with his legendary band.

Where is Carlos Santana’s Home?

As of 2023, Carlos owns a large house in Hawaii and lives in Las Vegas with his second wife, Cindy Blackman.

Was Carlos Santana a drug addict?

Carlos’s name has been associated with drugs since his debut. In several interviews, he has revealed that he used to drug marijuana but now takes hallucinogenic drugs for meditation.

Who is Cindy Blackman and Carlos Santana daughter?

Cindy Blackman and Carlos Santana don’t have biological children together. However, Santana has three children from his ex-wife Deborah.

Where to buy Carlos Santana shoes and merchandise?

There is the official website of Carlos Santana where people can shop all the merchandise. 

What happened to Carlos Santana in 2022?

On 5th July 2022, a medical emergency happened during Carlos Santana concept at Theatre in Michigan. It was reported that Carlos lost consciousness during the event due to his recent heart surgery. 

How much money does Carlos Santana make every Year?

After the waves of Covid-19, it is reported that around 2.5 million is the annual earnings of the legendary artist. 

Is Carlos Santana retired?

Carlos Sanatra is still working and has recently launched a line of shoes. Apart from the music industry, he is also active in charitable works. 

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