NELK Boys Net Worth 2022: Earnings, Income, Career, and Biography

NELK Boys Net Worth

NELK boys are one of the most successful YouTube channels on the social media platform of YouTube. They are the group of boys who have dominated the world of entertainment on YouTube for more than five decades and are currently continuing their Legacy. NELK boys’ names are Nick, Elliot, Lucas and Kyle, and through the initials of the name of the boys in the group, the name was set. Currently, Nelk boy’s member count was three but, in the group, making prank videos and entertaining the world more are involved.  Around the world they enjoy message fan following who are interested in knowing more about them, so without any delay let’s discuss NELK boys net worth how they started the group and the journey of their growth in the year 2022.

NELK Boys Net Worth 2022

The group started in the year 2010 started an entertainment company in Canada that uploads videos including Claus and prank videos so that they can get their objective fulfilled which is to entertain people around the globe. The entertainment company NELK is purely dependent on the prank videos Andrew consistently the boys in the group achieve success and massive popularity around the social media groups and mostly on YouTube.

Net worth$5 million
Real NameNick, Elliot, Lucas and Kyle
Nick NameNELK
Group formed2010
Current membersThree
Dominant social media platformYouTube
YouTube subscribers7.52 million
LocationToronto Canada
Video CategoryPrank videos

NELK Boys Career

NELK Boys started their career by making Frank videos and uploaded the first video on January 2015 with the name of a prank on cops.  The video went viral as it was highly engaging and very interesting, as they are having a drink Coca-Cola in their car drunk but they informed Police officers that they have coke due to which the officers came to check the trunk and then they found that they are being pranked from the beverage Coca Cola.

Throughout the years they face several issues including a Notice from the Los Angeles police department for not doing pranks in the public. In 2019 Kyle, Lucas and Jesse what getting popular on social media and then they welcomed another partner Stephen Delenordis into the group.

The group since then is continuously expanding and in 2020 two other members named Salim and his cousin became part of one of the top-rank groups on social media.

NELK Boys Net Worth Over the Last 5 Years

The Net worth of NELK Boys 2022$ 5 million
The Net worth of NELK Boys 2021$4 million
The Net worth of NELK Boys 2020$3.7 million
The Net worth of NELK Boys 2019$ 3 million
The Net worth of NELK Boys 2018$2 million

NELK Boy’s Sources of Income

The NELK boys not only I am from the videos uploaded on YouTube but their clothing brand, podcast and other brand endorsement and them a huge amount of money which is enough for them to live a luxurious life.  The main goal of the boys is not to only upload videos and get famous in the world of YouTube but to establish their empire in which they do business and dominate the world.  And the massive amount of money from the full Send brand that offers streetwear clothing.

People from around the world can become a part of this group through their paid membership program.  $20 each member has to pay on their paid membership offer which gives around 1 million dollars a month to the group boys, this shows that their mentality is not only to make pranks but to become successful business holders in the market.

Some Interesting Facts About NELK Boys

What is the net worth of NELK Boys Group?

NELK Boys’ net worth is around $ 5 million.

How much do NELK Boys earn?

NELK Boys earns around $1 million monthly.

What do NELK Boys do for a living?

NELK Boys group runs a YouTube channel of pranks and podcasts.

What is a NELK Boys member?

Mainly three to four members are there in the group, although they have more members.

How did NELK Boys become famous?

NELK Boys are very famous on social media.

What is NELK boys’ brand of clothing?

NELK Boys clothing brand name is full send.

Who started NELK Boys?

NELK Boys was started by Kyle.

What is NELK boys’ brand of beverage?

NELK Boys beverage drink brand name is happy dad.

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