Duke Dennis Net Worth 2023: Earnings, Income, Career, and Biography

Duke Dennis Net Worth

Youtube is the hub of content creators, and many have glorified their lives by showing their talent to entertain the audience. Online streaming and gaming are one of the most trending contents on Youtube and other streaming platforms. Such as Twitch, Vimeo and StreamYard. In the world of online streaming, there is a Georgia-born ex-US army soldier and famous Twitch personality who has grabbed all the attention of NBA 2k lovers on Youtube. Yes! Duke Dennis, also known by several names such as Deeblock and AMP Duke, is an American streamer, content creator and member of AMP screaming squad. Let’s dive into Duke Dennis Net Worth 2023, income and annual earnings. 

Duke Dennis salary

Duke Dennis Net Worth 2023

Duke Dennis age is 28, and he will soon celebrate his 29th birthday on February 26, 1994. Dennis first created his YouTube channel on Feb 16, 2013, named; Duke Dennis Gaming, and since then, Duke is a regular uploader. Gaming streamers are considered one of the luckiest as their streamers are watched by millions of people. Moreover, due to their long and commercialised content on the platform, they acquire more watch time compared to other creators. That’s the reason Duke Dennis Net Worth has reached 5 million US dollars.

Duke Dennis salary and annual earnings come from all his social media platforms, as he is a representative member of the online gaming steamer’s group known as AMP. This squad was officially created by all six popular online streamers. Including, JustFanum, Kai Cenat. Agent 00, ImDavisss, Chrisnxtdoor, and Duke Dennis himself. On the other hand, they also have a YouTube channel with 2.57 million subscribers. 

Net Worth 5 Million 
Real NameDuke Dennis
Profession Youtuber, Video Game Streamer 
Nick Name Deeblock Duke, Durag Duke, AMP Duke
Date of Birth February 26, 1994
Birthplace Georgia, United States
Religion Christianity 
Siblings Two Brothers 
College/ University Catholic School 
Weight70 kg 
Height6ft 2In 
Duke Dennis height

Duke Dennis Net Worth of Last 5 Years

The Net worth of  Duke Dennis 20235 Million 
The Net worth of  Duke Dennis 20223.7 Million 
The Net worth of  Duke Dennis 20213 Million 
The Net worth of  Duke Dennis 20202 Million 
The Net worth of  Duke Dennis 2019Under Review 
Duke Dennis real name

Duke Dennis Career

After graduation from his university Dennis joined the US army for a couple of months and decided to go for online streaming. From 2013 to 16, he was just like other regular streamers. However, after uploading his first video on NBA 2k,” Angry Trash Talker.” he started getting subscribers growth on his channel. Hence, now he is the MVP and pro player in the online streaming of NBA 2k games.

In May 2020, Duke created his seconds YouTube channel, where he uploaded vlogs, comedy videos and collaborated songs. As of 2023, Dennis owns three YouTube channels and also appears on streamers of fellow YouTubers.

Duke Dennis Biography

Duke Dennis real name is unknown, but he is called Deeblock Duke and AMP Duke by his followers on the Twitch TV streaming platform. In his videos, he plays various MVP games, but the reason for his popularity is NBA 2k games. Dannis has two brothers who also appear on his live streams and vlogs. Moreover, as per rumours, he was in a relationship back in 2019. But as of 2023, he is single and lives in City Heights, San Diego, California.

A breaking-in incident occurred in Duke’s apartment in 2019 when duke found his two Playstations and AirJordan were missing. On the other hand, Deeblock Duke is a big Basketball fan and a gymnast. Apart from the gaming industry, he also makes music videos, and Ryan Reynolds is his favourite movie actor. 

Father name Under Review 
Mother nameUnder Review 
Marital statusSingle
Girl Friend Under Review 
Eye colourDark Brown
Hair Color Black 
Zodiac Sign Pisces

Duke Dennis Social Media Accounts

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dukedennis/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ImDukeDennis

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dukedennis

Twitch TV: https://www.twitch.tv/duke

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@DukeDennis864

Official Website: https://dukedennis.shop/

Some Interesting Facts About Duke Dennis

Is Duke Dennis Famous?

Duke has more than one million followers on his all social media account which includes YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Twitch.

When is Duke Dennis birthday?

Duke was born on February 26, 1994, and is 28 years old. Similarly, Duke Dennis height is 6ft 2 In, and he is a fitness freak.

What happened to Duke Dennis in 2019? 

One night Duke entered his apartment and found his AirJordan and two Playstations here missing.

Is Duke Dennis in the military? 

There is no specific information about Duke Dennis military years, but he served his country before joining Youtube. 

What is the Duke Dennis jeep colour? 

Duke Dennis has customarily made Wrangler jeep, and he changes the outer look of his car on different occasions.

When did Duke Dennis Join YouTube? 

Duke Dennis started his YouTube career in 2013 at the age of 19. 

Who is Duke Dennis Father?

Duke Dennis keeps his personal life private. But it is reported that his parents live in Georgia, the United States.

Is Duke Dennis related to Kai Cenat?

Duke Dennis and Kai Cenat are friends and members of the AMP group.

What is AMP?

AMP is a group of fellow Youtubers and online streamers, including Agent 00, Chrisnxtdoor, JustFanum, Kai Cenat and Duke Dennis. 

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